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Photo presentation which is compiled from projects of Journalist & Art Photographer Tahir Ozgur. Different lives, stories and locations

The Last Nomad

Sarikecililer who were immigrating to Anatolia, are the only community living today with nomadic culture. They are still trying to keep their culture alive

Miners: Madenciler

The story of mineworkers who try to earn their life with dignity by working in mines in Zonguldak - Turkey, while they feel breath of death under 750 meter.

Asura in Iran

Asura is a requiem, a riot. It is to oppose to injustice; to resist against tyrant. Every year in Asura, the murder of Hazrat Huseyin and his comrades is lamented.


In addition to their history and culture Vietnam & Cambodia are amazing platforms for photography. Both countries take our breaths away. 


India and Nepal are two incredible countries; you can travel there again and again... I travel there several times and still traveling. Here is Nepal and India

Happy Holi

India is indescribable.. Is Holi describable then? No it is not. We try to depict one of the most colorful festivals of the world with our photographs.

“Heyamola” Fisherman

Tahir Ozgur photographed adventure of fishermen for days which started with “Heyamola“ in deep Mediterranean Sea in silence of night.