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 "All great literature is one of two stories; a man goes on a journey or a stranger comes to town" Tolstoy

The Route Photography Gallery  in Amsterdam

The Route Photography Gallery was founded in 2017 in Amsterdam.
It presents exclusive artworks of the artists, who are entitled to international art-photographers, who have exhibited their works in “cities of art”, whose works have been accepted to art museums.
While the core idea of the collection is the art photography which explains a story of life, a story of human being, it has diversified in documentary, portrait, nude, macro, nature, landscape, wild life, underwater photography.
The gallery cares specifically the concept of affordable art and raises its collection all the time with fine art photography of the artists who search all over the world to explain a story of a life. In this sense it keeps its doors open to young photographers.
The Route Photography Gallery presents its collection to art lovers at international art fairs in different countries as well as in its main location and online.
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We will go again

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic we need to postpone our regular photography trips.
We will continue to our trips to Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Nepal, Iran and to other countries after this epidemic term.
See you in healthy days in photography trips

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